2 way radio online is now selling the Motorola Sl4000 radio two way radio

The Company is the UK’s Top Online Source for 2 Way Radios

2 Way Radio Online, the UK’s premier source for analogue and digital 2 way radios, has just
added the Motorola SL4000 to its extensive inventory. The new slim line 2 way radio represents
a new direction that the Motorola company is taking with digital technology. As the thinnest and
lightest radio to date, Motorola is helping to bridge the gap between two way radios and mobile Continue reading

Review of the slim Motorola sl4000 radio

There continue to be a great many roles that need two-way radios rather than phones. Any time you must get in touch with someone, clearly and quickly, you will be investigating a 2 way radio over a phone. Also, for making certain that everyone receives the same transmittion and they’ll always be contactable, a two way radio is definitely the way to go. From working as the doorman, to working on a building site, from site work to armed forces manoeuvres, walkie talkies are an imperative part of many business environments. Continue reading

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